Sunday, November 7, 2010

General Goodwill...

As this blog-thing is new to me, I have spent a lot of time over the past week or so contemplating just what to share, and the possibilities are, obviously, limitless.  So, I've decided on some parameters which, when written down, seem to be best encapsulated by 'general goodwill'.  I want to share what I am learning, to show what I'm working on, and to elevate the conversation (hopefully) to a tone of positive attitude and caring.  So, we may go on tangents (Lord knows I am good at that!), but you may rely on this being a place you can spend a minute during your busy day without hearing me whine, complain or lay blame.

So, with that thought out there...may I say what a privilege it was to have a maternity session with some new friends.  Oswaldo, the dad-to-be, and I were on an intensive photography workshop together last spring and his wife, Janeth, was able to join us on a couple of occasions for socializing.  They are WONDERFUL people, full of laughter and joy (the kind that seems to be in South Americans' genes!).  When they arrived at my home-studio for our session, they came with gifts for the kids and desserts for all of us!  They are smart, generous, caring, and enthusiastic people and they are going to be the kind of parents every kid deserves!  Please visit to see more of the shots from our session.

I am so grateful to live in a place and in a family where I have the opportunity to pursue this love of photography....I am so grateful that this passion has allowed me to meet new people with whom I hope to share lifetime friendships...I am so grateful.

Happy Sunday, folks!


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