Friday, February 1, 2013

Dragonfly Wings

Last summer I found a dragonfly on our deck while we were having a bbq.  He was beautiful, serene, colourful, and a direct link to the family enjoyed talking about our little visitor, who was chillin' in and around our feet, as we ate.  The next day I found his body in the same place.

With the most care and respect I could provide, I gently scooped him up on a piece of paper and carried his body inside to our front foyer (great evening light).  I spent a few minutes trying to capture some of the details of his amazing little body (this is big for me as I am quite squeamish, but this was different, this felt spiritual somehow).

This is a favourite shot.  Look at how perfect nature is.  Look at how delicate that wing is.  Look at the beauty.

We are like dragonfly wings...unique, beautiful, fragile, and able to touch people in myriad ways.

Last Fall I was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer), after my dermatologist thought the 'annoying bump' on my cheek looked 'suspicious'.  She took a biopsy and called the following week with the news (while I was enjoying a beer-garita with a best friend in NYC - needless to say it was a bit of a shock to the system!).  Basal Cell is a nonmelanoma cancer, which is really lucky as it is the golden child of skin cancers, and with a small procedure this coming week I will be totally fine.

A few weeks ago a close friend visited her dermatologist because she was concerned at how the appearance of the skin on her ear had changed.  She was diagnosed with atypical cells and the doc told her it would have progressed into Melanoma - the scariest kind of skin cancer.  She will have surgery in a few weeks.

Last week another close friend wrote me to say that she had been diagnosed with early stage Breast Cancer.  She is currently attending to the MRI's, biopsies, ultrasounds, etc. that her doctor orders and is expected to have a lumpectomy and further treatment so that she may be Cancer free.

In 1995 my mom was diagnosed with fourth stage Breast Cancer (for those lucky enough to not be 'in the know' with Cancer: 4 is bad!) and, with a grim prognosis, she fought.  We were blessed with her presence for two and a half years more before she said goodbye.  She was diagnosed late, due to a lack of luck, a lack of her medical practitioners asking the right questions on routine visits, AND - now this is the one that matters most - because, I believe, she knew something was very wrong and was too scared to pursue an answer.

So, in the next three weeks, three people I love (counting myself here!) will have Cancer related surgeries.  We are all married, we all work, we all contribute to the lives of those around us, we matter...just like EVERY LIVING BEING ON PLANET EARTH MATTERS.

Treasure yourself, pay attention to changes in your body and on your skin, know that you are loved and your presence in our world matters.  It is imperative to visit your doctor, to speak openly, and to be your own advocate.  Don't ever fear knowledge for knowledge is power.

Remember that your life is as delicate as a dragonfly's wings and you must honour and respect it, there are countless people who want you to be okay!  Know that, just as our little friend's wings inspired me without his knowledge, so too do you inspire others.

Life - and health - are beautiful!



  1. Heather LoewenhardtFebruary 3, 2013 at 12:00 AM

    Wishing you are the best Lori. Your writing will inspire others and of course me. The photo and story are wonderful and so meaningful.

  2. Thank you so much, Heather, you couldn't have written a more meaningful compliment. Much love and health to you!