Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Birthday Gift

I was recently hired to do maternity photos for a lovely lady, whom we’ll call S.  She hoped to surprise her husband with beautiful photographs for his birthday…an amazing and personal gift from a very special time in a couple’s life together!

Copyright 2011 Bella Faccia Inc.
S. was referred to Bella Faccia through her friend/my client & friend and was hopeful that the shoot would be fun, comfortable, and that it would result in images that she was proud to gift her husband with.   I was thrilled that, by her own account, we accomplished all she’d hoped for!  Her words, upon seeing the private, on-line gallery, were:

“Thank you so, so much for a great shoot on Saturday! You are amazing at what you do and I appreciate so much how comfortable you made me. I have no doubt that this will be the best gift ever for C. (aside from the actual baby, haha)!”  (S. – I agree, that baby is going to be the best gift EVER but I’m happy that we managed to create a runner-up for the records!)

S. and Bella Faccia worked together (quickly, as the birthday was fast approaching) to create a number of beautiful prints, including a 3 image collage that she had framed in time for the birthday celebration.  When I enquired how the gift opening went, she said, “He LOVED the photos!! I actually surprised him! Thank you so, so much again!”  I was thrilled that the images were such a success that they placed an order for more!

Copyright 2011 Bella Faccia Inc.

 These shoots are so much fun…there is an abundance of collaboration, music, laughter, trust, and a shared dedication to getting the very best shots possible.  It’s always an honour to be trusted with someone’s portrait session; it’s especially meaningful when hired to do a session that will require the person to step well outside of their general, day to day, comfort level in order to create something really special.  S., you are AMAZING and I so appreciate your trust in me and in Bella Faccia, thank you!

Life is great!