Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Holidays!

2011 has proven to be a year of change and transition for me.  There have been great times, good times, not so good times, and downright challenging times.  I wouldn’t change any of it.

As the year’s end draws near we tend to reflect, ponder the choices we’ve made and the ones we’re considering.  It can be difficult to know what value our mistakes and successes will have in the long term, but one thing is certain: if you tried, if you were sincere, if you were present, and even if you messed up…there was value. 

Last June I wrote a blog post that touched on ‘balance’…that elusive ‘thing’ that most of us, in this hectic and fast paced life, are craving.  During this year I had days in which I felt, whole heartedly, that I’d achieved that golden state of blissful balance.  During this year I had days in which I felt, whole heartedly, that I was miles from any sort of  ‘blissful state’ and not quite sure how I’d gotten there or how to get back.

What I know is that ‘balance’ is a moving target.  It is up to us to pursue, with vigor, our dreams while taking the pulse, often, of how our pursuit is impacting the other, and equally important, facets of our lives – our family, our home life, and our friendships.  Let us not throw in the towel just because the dishes aren’t getting done or the laundry is piling up; it is on those days, when we feel most at odds with our choices, that we must persevere and brainstorm ways of making it all work.  However, sometimes we are required to ‘take stock’ and recognize that we simply can’t do it all (this realization seems perfectly easy to say some days but is downright irritating on others!).  I've both persevered and have had to change my course slightly this year, and it's all felt wonderful and difficult (such is life!).

I am so grateful to the year 2011 for it has provided me with increased awareness of where I want to go, how I might get there, and who I’m going to be along the way.  I am so grateful for a husband who supports me unconditionally and who offers me the latitude to screw up knowing I’ll still be loved.  I’m grateful for two amazing children who make me laugh daily and who are growing up to be ‘great citizens of the world’ (which I consider my mandate as their mom).  I'm grateful for our two 'first born', Dylan and Dixie, who epitomize unconditional love! I’m grateful for my and my husband’s families who offer us love, support, and babysitting!  I'm grateful to have a passion of my own to pursue.  I’m grateful for my friends, old and new, who encourage and inspire me.  I’m grateful for my health and that I live in a peaceful country.  I’m simply grateful (although I’ll admit to needing to remind myself of this on occasion!).

As I meander this journey of motherhood, marriage, citizen, small business owner, and friend, I am cognizant of the opportunities afforded me and I am thankful.  To each of you who have offered me encouragement, advice, kindness, support, and business this year – my very sincere thanks!

May 2012 bring all of us closer to our dreams (with some balance along the way!)
Wishing you much love, peace, health, and goodwill.

Life is great!


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