Monday, April 2, 2012

TomAto / Tom-ah-to

Over the past few months, as I’ve contemplated Bella Faccia’s move to specialize in women, I have been a little overwhelmed with what terminology to use.  For some the word ‘boudoir’ has significant connotations (not all good!), for others ‘glamour’ spurs thoughts of the’80s, and then there is ‘contemporary portraiture’, which I love but seems to leave people perplexed with what it actually means.

Whatever words you or I choose; I hope that you will see Bella Faccia’s portraits of women and girls as: beautiful, strong, elegant, alluringfun, sweetsexy (when appropriate!), and a visual testament to how amazing my subjects truly are. 

My absolute goal is to provide stunning images from a wonderful, empowering, and memorable shoot with Bella Faccia – no matter what ya’ call it!

Life is beautiful!


HMUA & Modelling: Talyn Stone


  1. The look of your new site is awesome Lori!Very you!

  2. Hamish's old shirt really works great here!

  3. I know, right! Hamish is awesome; I loved how collaborative the whole morning was!

    PS Thanks for stopping by, Darwin! :)

  4. I love all your inspiring and passionate!
    Keep them coming~~ And most of happy YOU are happy!

  5. Thanks, Karma! What an awesome note! xox