Friday, March 8, 2013

For International Women's Day I am sharing an image of a woman I found to be extraordinary...during a road trip in New Mexico we met Fabiola, who marked our trip and my heart; this is what I wrote about her, and that afternoon, in a blog post in June 2012...  

"We were stopped roadside so that I could photograph the ruins of what we would discover was a Christian settlement.  There was a sign asking that you not proceed past the fence, and I was respectful of their wishes (albeit sad).  I was just about done when a beat up truck pulled up and Fabiola emerged.  She was sweet, well spoken, and happy to see people interested in the history of the place.  In a past life Fabiola was an archaeologist who lived in all corners of the globe, eventually marrying a professor and settling in her home state of New Mexico.   Fabiola gave us an 'inside the fence' tour of the ruins and, reluctantly, allowed me to take only two photos.  She told us the best place nearby to eat, directed us to the Three Crosses in Abiquiu made famous by Georgia O'Keefe, and, without question, added something magical to our road trip.  I will never forget our friend or the unexpected adventure of that afternoon."

What most impressed me with Fabiola was her absolute joy for life, for learning, and for teaching.  She had lived an amazing life in exotic locales, and now is living a contented life making masks to sell at a local market in her birthplace.

May we all endeavour to dream, to reach, to be open to all that is available to us...may we be courageous.

Life - and women who inspire - are beautiful!


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