Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Winter Shooting with OOPOOMOO & duChemin

I am going to blog about my full experience from this weekend, at the Persistent Vision seminar, very soon (it was ahhhhmazing!) but for now I wanted to simply share a few images from today's shoot.

The morning started with a carpool from Calgary to Vermillion Lakes, just outside of Banff...the snow and early morning darkness made the drive less than easy, but we made it!  We met up with 15 other photogs, including Samantha Chrysanthou, Darwin Wiggett, and David duChemin.  With a little instruction from David together with his thoughts about approaching a creative process; we all set about finding 'our shot' amidst the winter morning scene.  It was very cold, with a biting wind and blowing snow...any of you who know me will know that those conditions usually have me heading for a Baileys and coffee indoors, but I stuck it out with the help of my new friend, Cynthia Haynes (nothing like having girl chat & laughs to keep your mind off of how cold your fingers and toes are!).

As I grow as a photographer I find myself becoming freer and less concerned about my own expectations, or others, of what I "should" capture on a workshop shoot.  Opportunities like this today's, even if the conditions are less than ideal (at least for this fair weather shooter ;)!), really help concrete my belief that experimentation is fun and that shooting just for yourself is liberating (insert pep talk on this subject from Dave Brosha here!).

I so appreciate the teaching styles of Sam, Darwin, and David and if you EVER have the chance to learn from them - MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

I love the variety in my fave four below...also need to say thanks to Cynthia for reminding me how much fun motion shots are!

Life - and spending time learning with passionate & kind people - is beautiful!



  1. Lori - These are a beautiful representation of that morning; I love viewing the way you saw the scene. And that motion photo? I don't think I need to say yummmmm . . . but, oh my. Delicious! Cold as it was, I would do it again just to hang out with you. In a heartbeat. xoxo

  2. Thanks, Cynthia! Indeed, when I reminisce about that morning, I will know it was cold but I will remember how utterly fun it was WITH YOU! XO