Saturday, March 23, 2013

She Was Warrior

In early January the fabulous Sarah Byrne and I were having coffee, chit-chatting about life, astrology, and books when, out of the blue, she said, "We should plan a creative! What have you always wanted to do?"  Truth is that I tend to be a specific-purpose type of person and I'd never actually done nor pursued a true creative shoot (my collaborative shoot with Sarah, Doug Pruden, and Katie Hunt came close mind you ;) ).  All that said, I knew exactly what I've thought about doing for the past few years, "I want to do a body paint shoot."  And so the idea was born...but we needed to find a model and decide on details.

I've worked with the lovely Jeanette a number of times now - she started out as a client and quickly became my friend and model (some might say muse given how many times we have now worked together - she graces the top of this blog!).  I emailed to see if she'd be interested and she seemed as excited about it as Sarah and I were!

Next we needed a theme...there were so many back and forths between myself and Sarah that I'm not sure who first came across a shot with a headdress; regardless we were both convinced that it would be awesome and we set out to design the rest of the shoot around a headdress.  Sarah went in search and found an extraordinary headdress for, you have to see this thing in person!  

During our planning, and mere weeks before our mid-March shoot; Sarah visited a friend and they painted together.  She posted a shot of her canvas on Facebook and I asked her to bring it over so that I could shoot it; thinking the texture and colours would be beautiful with our Warrior!  I haven't done much in the way of composites but I love the capabilities of Photoshop and, as this was intended to be a truly creative pursuit, I thought it would be a great time to play and learn.  

The below image is the result of three women who all invested time, thought, and heart into this shoot!  
© Bella Faccia/Lori Maloney
HMUA and Background Art by Sarah Byrne
Styling by Sarah Byrne and Lori Maloney
Model: Jeanette
I hope to post a few more from our session and they will likely be edited quite differently (trying to learn as much Photoshop as I can on this!).

My sincere thanks to Sarah and Jeanette for all of their efforts in making this shoot not only a success but a really fun day too!  (PS we're still finding beads from the bracelet I broke while readying JB!)

Life - and creative endeavours - are beautiful!



  1. This is amazing! Just stunning and creative and gorgeous and beautiful and.........I LOVE LOVE it!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  3. Absolutely stunning shot, very well executed

  4. Appreciate the kind remarks! Lori

  5. Beautiful image. Well executed from start to finish...

  6. Thanks very much, Bryan &'s especially rewarding when photographers are appreciative of one's photography! xo