Thursday, October 28, 2010

WooHoo! A New Blog Spot!

The past year has been quite a company, new website, new thoughts and ideas!  I have been contemplating creating a blog for a while and, after speaking with a photog friend, I was convinced I should jump on this here blog-wagon sooner rather than later!

In this blog I hope to share what I am up to, of course, but I am also hopeful that this will be a place that we can learn from each other...photographers chatting gear and set-ups, clients chatting with photogs about a myriad of topics (from planning your outfit to why colour management is critical).  

I was late to facebook, but I now see, and know, the absolute benefit of being able to share with many in a quick and concise way.  I also believe that the act of sharing (info, advice, thoughts, etc.) is a liberating and creativity inspiring act!

So, hope you'll follow along as I travel down this new path.