Monday, January 24, 2011

An Expectant Mom, a Blue-Sky Alberta Day & a Little Windchill for Fun!

We ventured west this weeekend to capture images of beautiful Kyla, mere weeks from the expected arrival of her little one.  Along for the ride were Kyla, Lindsay, and me...

I felt fortunate to complete my Photography Certificate last fall, and one of the nicest outcomes from the experience was the opportunity to meet exceptional people and photographers.  I met Kyla and Lindsay, independently of each other, in photography classes and only afterward discovered that they are friends and neighbours!  

I was honoured when Kyla asked if I would be willing, along with Lindsay, to spend an afternoon doing an outdoor-winter-maternity shoot (I love saying it that way as it sounds like a crazy endeavour!)  We lucked out as the day presented us mild temperatures (outside of the teeth-clattering wind!) and Alberta's famous blue sky!  Kyla, being an exuberant, vivacious and willing subject made her way through feet-deep snow, stood in the middle of the road (while Lindsay helped us with the good'ol Canadian "CAR" shout outs!), and she did it all with a brand new boot whose zipper had failed her...we had lots of laughs and captured, I think, some beautiful shots!

Lindsay, it was a privilege shooting alongside're a class act.  Kyla, your photography skills and warm personality make our time together fun and I always feel like I've learned something.  Saturday's shoot was, without question, a real pleasure!

Life is good!