Sunday, April 20, 2014

...and they said, "Welcome to IRIS!"

I am really excited to announce that I was invited to become a member of The IRIS Photographic Society of Alberta and that I accepted!
Some lovely irises gifted by Kerry for the 'new members meeting'...she thought them fitting, as did I!
IRIS, which is an acronym for Inspiring Respect through Images and Stories, aims to promote connection and respect between our communities, segments of our population, cities, cultures, and even countries, depending on the project.  The mandate is to use our passion for photography (all IRIS members, of which there are now 11, have a love of photography) as the platform to engage conversation between people and groups of people, to foster a heightened level of understanding of one another, and to provide some photography tips and tricks along the way to anyone interested!

An example of a recent project was when IRIS members conducted a workshop at an Edmonton seniors' centre, putting cameras in the hands of a few of the residents.  The workshop was then followed up with an exhibition of those residents' cool is that!

I am incredibly honoured to now be part of this group, a group who have been humbly and generously endeavouring to make our world a little better since inception a year and a half ago, and I am fundamentally moved that I now have the opportunity to participate in deciding on projects and then executing them (we decided on some wonderful initiatives this past week at our meeting...stay tuned!).  

As a non-profit, IRIS relies on a few revenue generating projects each year and also on donations from people and organizations who believe in what we are trying to achieve.  If you are interested in supporting IRIS please visit: and click the 'donate' button on the right side!

Over the past few years I have been afforded really amazing opportunities and, on each occasion, I've wondered, "have they got the right 'Lori'?"...alas, I am learning that this is how we grow:  by being a little scared, by reaching, by stepping outside of our comfort zones, AND by choosing to be in the midst of people we admire and respect, people who desire to help in building a more compassionate world.

Life - and opportunities to make a difference - are beautiful!



  1. Wonderful news! Congratulations Lori!

  2. Welcome aboard Lori! We are so pleased to have you as a member of IRIS. I look forward to working with you and all the new members and seeing where we can take IRIS in the future. It'll be fun!