Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's The Little Things

Don't ya' just love finding things that make you smile, things that make your life a little better?!  I sure do, and the following are a couple of things that made me smile today...

I love visits to the local drug store...I can often find a lil' something to perk up my day without spending a lot.  I have really fine hair and so "Fat Hair Thickening Spray" was an awesome find (note: I ONLY think the word fat is okay when you are speaking of hair! ...when my son saw me pick it up he said, rather dramatically, 'you're not buying that!' lol - yes, my kids know it's a dirty word! :) )...I love this product!  I equally love Maybelline's Falsies Volum Express in Black Drama - this stuff is great and inexpensive!

On my bathroom counter sits a photo of me, taken in '94 by an aspiring photographer in Natal, Brazil.  When I look at this photo I am reminded of how I felt back then (and still feel!)...that life is full of promise, opportunities, friendship, and adventure!  I love having this visual reminder every morning, it instantly puts a smile on my face and a hop in my step!   It also provides a great place to keep the three necklaces that are symbolic to me and that I wear most often...

one was gifted to me by my beautiful friend at her wedding=FRIENDSHIP, 

one represents my lil' family and my acknowledgement of my own personality and nature 
(I'm one of 'those' who thinks astrology is meaningful)=LIFE, 

and one I just brought home yesterday and is intended to protect me whilst encouraging peace and compassion=STRENGTH.

My last fave to include is a Facebook group called The Boudoir Body Challenge.  This group was started by Stacie Frazier, an awesome woman and boudoir photog out of Las Vegas, and has blossomed into the coolest and most motivating group I've found in a long while!  Ladies, look it up...I'm there with plenty of other women who are simply looking to better their own health, with the awesome added benefit of encouraging everyone else in the group at the same time...zero judgement/110 motivation!  There have been MANY tips shared on BBC that have inspired me and two of them I want to share with all of you:

1) when eating out why not ask for them to bring you a takeaway box before your meal; this allows you to halve your meal ensuring you don't overeat (com'on, those portions are out of control and I guarantee you I'll eat it all if it's A) yummy and B) right in front of me!)

2) MyFitnessPal is a free online resource that has an accompanying app...did I mention it's FREE?!  Yep, free & awesome!  I am relatively new to using it but I am really excited about the difference it will make in me having a better sense of my caloric intake/expenditure each day!  (I'm not sure how reliable the exercise module is for calculating calories burned, but just knowing how many I've eaten is a terrific first step!)

So, what made you smile today?  What little thing can you introduce or be grateful for in your daily routine to make your life that little bit better EVERY DAY?  Feel free to share in the comments and, if nothing else, go out and find a smile...it's good for your health! :D

Life - and the little things - are beautiful!

xo Lori