Monday, May 27, 2013

SuperMom to SuperModel!

I met beautiful Karma a few years ago, when our sons bonded over dinosaurs in kindergarten, and it wasn't long before we were friends too!  It was also fun to discover that her husband and I attended school together...such a small world!

Karma is mom to four active kids who range in age from nearly three to 17...with an always clean house, fresh baking and cooking on hand for her family and friends (she showed up to her shoot with a family portion of homemade spaghetti for us!), and seemingly endless energy, Karma definitely epitomizes the term 'Super Mom'!

Over the past few years Karma has pondered the idea of a shoot with me...I was beyond thrilled when she bit the proverbial bullet and booked her session.  As you can see, Karma is beautiful without a stitch of makeup; but being a girly-girl meant that a morning of getting her hair and makeup done and then playing model was right up her alley!  

I loved how excited and engaged Karma was in planning her shoot.  We had a pre-session consultation a few weeks before her shoot to discuss details (something I always schedule) and she also had compiled shots she loved on a Pinterest board as inspiration for us both.  In fact there was one shot, which I believe was taken by a Russian photographer Litvak Oleg (the Pinterest file didn't have the artist's name; however, a fellow photographer helped me locate the information), that she and I both LOVED and she asked me to recreate.  Here is that shot...

Other ideas for the shoot included a new pair of boots she had; some french netting I wanted to try out; and some sassier shots for her husband...all I can say is that I have been hard pressed to pick my faves as there are just too many!  Alas, here are a couple more from our shoot that I LOVE!

Karma told me that she walked up the front steps with a bit of a gulp in her throat!  Flash forward to this afternoon (the day after her shoot) when she texted me saying it was the experience of a lifetime!  Show her some love as she is simply beautiful, inside and out!

Karma, your infectious laugh, easy going demeanour, and fun loving attitude are all reasons I enjoy being around you in general, and you brought all that AND pro modelling moves to your session!  Thank you for your trust in me; having the opportunity to photograph you was so much fun and I hope we'll do it again ;)!  

Life - and moms you meet at school - are beautiful!



  1. Gorgeous! She must love these photos, Lori, they're stunning!

  2. Karma you are drop dead supermodel beautifully gorgeous

  3. Thanks, Amanda! ...and, as jgirl says, my client was indeed "drop dead supermodel beautifully gorgeous" which all I can add is: "with a wicked, infectious, free laugh that I love"!

  4. Beautiful Lori ... absolutely beautiful. I love love love it! Karma is gorgeous and you just put the icing on the cake! I love that I've met you great ladies this year! Hope to see you soon, Nita

  5. What a sweet note, Nita, thank you! I'm happy we've met the FB page for the Photography 1-2-3 for Women announcement! xo

  6. just read this blog of yours again! Brought tears to my eyes again! I am so proud of this experience I had....still talk about it alot and it's been months! I think you are beyond words talented!