Friday, May 3, 2013

'You Are Here'...and 'Here' Is Beautiful!

I was recently at a museum with the kids when I noticed a "You Are Here" sign on the floor in front of the museum's map...and it struck me as profound.  I took this photo on my iPhone and have been mulling over the seemingly simple statement ever since.

My blog and Facebook posts are a mix of business and personal, and this one is no different.  The fact is that life is busy, which I know does not come as a shocker to any of you!  I try hard each day to find some semblance of balance between my health (why does fitting in a workout seem so challenging?!), cleaning the house, having groceries at the ready, chauffeuring two kids to myriad activities, supporting a  husband who has a demanding job, seeing friends & family, playing with the dogs, AND running Bella Faccia (and now Bella Forza as well)!  Now, I don't claim to be as busy as many; however, aren't we all trying to find our own 'best balance'? 

There have been many days over this past year when I felt overwhelmed and found myself subconsciously wishing things were different somehow - more time, more energy, more help (I do daydream of a housecleaner nearly daily :) ); but then, I thought, "no, I don't wish things were different...I'm loving my life...I'm loving 'here'"!  So, 'here', in this moment, I am letting go of what I thinkshould be doing, accomplishing, etc....I am letting go of any self perceived guilt...and I am going to step back from work (with one exception) for a few months to allow me time to be a (nearly!) FULL TIME MOM to two pretty awesome kids.  

That one work exception mentioned above is Bella Forza!  My commitment to the women whom Bella Forza can be of service to have my commitment and I will not turn any Bella Forza client away.  If you are wondering what Bella Forza is all about please visit the FB page at and the blog at  I'd love to have you click 'like' or leave a comment if you are so inclined; it not only helps get the word out about Bella Forza but it also buoys the women who come to us!

So, during the summer months, from June 1 to September 15, I will only be taking clients for Bella Forza.  I will still be on-line and will happily be taking session bookings throughout the summer for dates after 09/15!

Life - and loving your 'here' - are beautiful!


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